Info 2016 April

The was the following progress in the project NitLeach:

Water budget calculations were carried out for about 40 ICP Forests Level II plots until Autumn 2015. For this purpose, the necessary data was prepared in the EP Meteorology, Phenology and LAI. The Chair S. Raspe and M. Daenner checked and gapfilled the meteorological data in close collaboration with the national/country experts. M. Daenner will present the method used for the checking and gapfilling of the meteorological data at the EP Meeting in Romania, at the ICP Forests Scientific Conference on 11.5.2016 and at the FoWiTa in 9/2016 in Freiburg. S. Fleck compiled the the leaf area index and soil physical data and will present it at the EP meeting. With this data and the aggregated growth data, M. Daenner and S. Raspe calculated the water budget and water the fluxes at the depth of the soil soltion lysimeters for the plots with the BROOK90 model (using a standard calibration).


The water fluxes are now used to calculated the nitrogen leaching fluxes from the plots. The following checks are done

- completness of the deposition and soil solution time series

- balance for chloride for sampling periods and years

- balances ammonium, nitrate and inorganic nitrogen

The next step will be

1) compile long-term mean values and explore the relation to saturation indicators

2) to investigate the temporal dynamic of nitrate leaching (relation between precipitation, temperature, deposition and N leaching).

Kind regards

Peter Waldner

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