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Info April 2017

Dear Collegues The status of the was discussed in a session of the Expert Panel Meetings at Zagreb end of March 2017. Praesentation: EP15_NitLeach_Waldner.ppt Kind regards Peter Waldner View »

R-Package MeteoTools 1.0 (Max Daenner)

Dear Collegues Water budget models are necessary to calculate Leaching Fluxes and require gapfilled meteodata. R-Package MeteoTool Max Daenner <> developped an R packa… View »

Info 2016 April

The was the following progress in the project NitLeach: Water budget calculations were carried out for about 40 ICP Forests Level II plots until Autumn 2015. For this purpose, the necessary data was… View »

Info 2015 August

An overview over the activity within the project this year is given in the biannual status report: biannual_status_form_2015_2_NitLeach.pdf Kind regards Peter Waldner View »

Description of the project

The project has already been presented at earlier Expert Panel Meetings. It is described in the following Data request: 2014_NitLeach_2.pdf Kind regards Peter Waldner View »


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