The 8th Meeting of the Heads of the Laboratories will take place from 12.5. to 13.5.2022 at WSL in Birmensdorf/Switzerland. We try to hold the meeting face to face. In case the Corona situation does not allow it, we will consider alternatives (hybrid or online).

Arrival Wednesday, 11.5.2022 
Meeting: Thursday, 12.5. - Friday, 13.5.2022 (1.5 days meeting + half day excursion) 

Draft agenda & meeting details

The ring test results for leaf/needle/litterfall, deposition/soil solution and soil will be available till then. These results will be presented and discussed at the meeting. We are looking for presentations from the participants - preferred from experiences at the current re-qualifications after the last ring tests.

Anna Kowalska will become chair of WG-QA/QC in 2022, we are looking for an interested colleague for the co-chair position.

If you want to give a presentation or if you are willing to take over the co-chair let us know this as soon as possible.

Many thanks to all Swiss colleagues who organize the meeting!

We hope to meet you in Birmensdorf

Alfred Fürst & Anna Kowalska

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Is it possible to arrange meeting online or at least hybrid meeting? Most probably we will still live in covid restrictions, organizational chaos and financial limitations, so using opportunity to have remote meeting would be very welcome and even more climate friendly.

Hi Andis,

at the moment a face-to-face meeting is planned, therefore the date of the meeting has been postponed from autumn 2021 to May 2022 to be on the safer side. One of the aims of these meetings is to get to know the colleagues personally.

All the best,

Dear Alfred, 

I support Andis' request. We still don't know how the situation will evolve. 
Furthermore, the financing problems are not negligible.
Everyone is having mixed-mode, face-to-face and remote meetings.
Please consider that, if someone cannot come, it will be a lost participation
or contribution in any case.
All the best


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