Manual - Uncertainties

Here we can discuss and work on the uncertainties of the different methods proposed in the Manual.

Based on the uncertainties proposed in the Manual to be resolved (listed below), we can add others, as well as provide information based on scientific literature that can limit / resolve some of them.

Major uncertainties described in the Manual

 Canopy Budget Model

  • Validation in less polluted [or/and drier] environment
  • Canopy uptake of oxidized N
  • Uptake efficiency ratio H+/NH4+ in relation to species and ecological setting

 Empirical model

  • Factors on canopy uptake of N
  • Saturation point in the canopy

 Inferential models

  • Representativeness of deposition velocities

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Comment by Héctor García Gómez on March 21, 2023 at 18:16

Regarding the uncertainties them selves, some others were discussed during the kick-off meeting in 2021:

- Stem-flow collection: highly difficult to collect, still looking for solutions

- Organic N: we should look for previous approaches in this sense

- Up-scaling/extrapolation:

    · Canopy uptake and N saturation

    · LAI variation

Moreover, the presentation by Andreas Schmitz gave very valuable information about the uncertainty of differnt methodologies. Particurlarly about CBM-like methods:

    · Related to measurements: the validity of the tracer approach could be compromised by canopy leaching, contamination, rainfall differences between samplers plots (open-throughfall); the concentration ratios may vary depending on the source (sampler);

    · Related to N transformation or fluxes: there is few information on canopy exchange factors; even less information on N species transformation in the canopy or in the samplers.

Comment by Héctor García Gómez on March 21, 2023 at 17:51

During the discussion previous to the kick-of meeting, a (soft) revision of deposition velocities was performed and partly presented by Vicent Calatayud. 

Here it is the original file with much more information than the presentation.


I'd like to encourage DDG members to upload here or directly send me any other reviews on this topic that they've done since then.

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