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Second meeting - April 2024

Second meeting of the dry deposition working group 2024-04-11 SUMMARY Svetlana Tsyro (MET Norway) Presentation title: First experience of using ICP Forests observations for evaluation of CAMS model… View »

DDG kick-off meeting - March 2021

DRY DEPOSITION GROUP KICK-OFF MEETING SUMMARY Session 1 - Total deposition estimation cases   Per Erik Karlsson, presenting the study Total deposition of inorganic nitrogen to Norway spruce forests –… View »

Manual - Catalogue

Here we can add the methodologies that we know to those described in the Manual. To all of them we can add useful features for their classification in a practical catalogue that could even be include… View »

Manual - Uncertainties 2 Comments

Here we can discuss and work on the uncertainties of the different methods proposed in the Manual. Based on the uncertainties proposed in the Manual to be resolved (listed below), we can add others,… View »


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