Dear colleagues,

Please find the attached 10th Soil Interlaboratory Test report.
The re-qualification process starts up from now and will finish on 17th April 2022.

To the requalification process – mandatory needed documents are:

  • Results of the re-analyzed ringtest samples.
  • Printouts from the instruments (calibration curves, calibration factors, measured results, date/time)
  • Printouts from the control charts
  • Sample weights, dilution factors, moisture correction factors (if needed)
    Reason for failing the qualification
  • Measures against this error in future (this will be tested with an extra sample set from FSCC, after ending the re-qualification)

Your NFC will be informed of your results too, in case you missed the qualification.

Kind regards,


10th Soil Interlaboratory Test - Version 2

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