Dear Experts,

hoping you all are in good health and having enough patience while living trough these challenging times.

I am also wondering about the status of our soil solution survey. What kind of impacts the corona pandemic might have on collection and analysis of soil solution.

I would be pleased to get information on how Level II surveys, especially soil solution collection and analysis, are currently running in different countries.

  • Does the coronavirus pandemic have an impact on soil solution collection and analysis in your country?
  • Are there some national regulations due to corona situation which affect the soil solution survey?

Looking forward for your responses.

with my best wishes,


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Dear Tiina,

We are all well; Norway has not been too badly hit by the coronavirus. I hope you and your family and colleagues are all well too. I am working from home, as are most of our scientists; however, our field sampling and laboratory analyses have fortunately been able to continue as normal.

All the best,


Dear Tiina,

in Flanders soil solution sampling was not affected by the corona measures so far. There was a slight delay in the analysis of samples during the second half of March, but as far as I know samples are analysed as planned since then. There is however a delay in the reporting of the results from our lab.

best wishes and take care,


Dear Tiina,

Thanks, we are well and hope you and your family also are well. 

In Denmark, the coronavirus pandemic have not impacted the soil solution collection, however the sample analysis were in a short periode slightly delayed, but not notably. So our conclusion is that the coronavirus pandemic have not affected the soil solution survey.

All the best,

Lars and Morten

Dear Tiina,

Thank you, we are all healthy so far. I hope you are staying safe too.

In Poland, the sampling and analyses of soil solutions have been performed almost as usual, without delay.  I suppose the drought in spring after dry autumn and warm snowless winter had much heavier impact on the availability of soil solution than pandemic.

Currently there are no regulations that would directly affect the monitoring activities.

Best wishes,


Dear Tina,

in Switzerland the soil solution sampling was not affected. We had some delays with the filtering of the samples. Currently, we are slowly shifting back to business as usual.

Best wishes,


Dear Tiina,

in Northwest Germany, sampling and processing of soil solution is unaffected by corona measures so far. Due to the drought periods in 2018 and 2019, it is still difficult to obtain soil solution samples at some sites.

Some colleagues are working from home, but all are well.

Best wishes


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