Bodies & Structure

The Programme Task Force is the highest body of ICP Forests and it represents all participating countries. National experts are organized in Expert Panels and Working Groups, which ensure the continuous development and harmonization of the monitoring methods and contribute to data evaluations.

For detailed information on each of the bodies of ICP Forests, please click on the respective boxes in the structure chart below.

Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution Programme Coordinating Group (PCG) Working Group on Quality in Laboratories Quality Assurance Committee Chairperson Programme Coordinating Centre (PCC) Forest Foliar Coordinating Centre (FFCC) Expert Panel on Foliage and Litterfall Expert Panel on Soil and Soil Solution Expert Panel on Crown Condition and Damage Causes Expert Panel on Forest Growth Expert Panel on Crown Condition and Damage Causes Expert Panel Meteorology, Phenology and Leaf Area Index Expert Panel Biodiversity and Ground Vegetation Expert Panel on Ambient Air Quality Expert Panel on Deposition Participating Countries Task Force Forest Soil Coordinating Centre (FSCC) Working Groups on Effects ICP Forests scientific committee

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