Successful meeting of the heads of the labs in Pallanza, Italy

Together with 31 participants we had a successful meeting of the heads of the labs in Pallanza! The meeting was very well organized by Aldo Marchetto and his team. We discussed the results of the last deposition and foliar ring tests and had presentations about measuring of samples with low concentrations, the determine weak acids in deposition, actual information about the data base, data submission and new features, proposal for better coding of the methods for C-CO3 and Corg, aqua regia digestion with microwave or reflux method and Heavy Metals in the ICP Forests monitoring program. 12 participants gave presentations about analytical problems.

Nils König finished his work as chair of the group and commited the chair to Alfred Fürst.

The next meeting will take place in Barsov, Rumania (autum 2019).

All presentations and the minutes can be downloaded from the ICP Forests website under "WG QA/QC in labs - document archive" or "WG QA/QC in Labs - analytical info".

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