Dear colleagues,

It is planned to purchase a new mill, Kjeldahl Steam Distillation System for N analysis and combined system to analyze pH, EC and alkalinity for water samples for my lab. 

1. There are two mills in our lab. One of them is Retsch ZM200 and the other one is Waring Commercial Blender. They are suitable for soft plant materials. But we need a new metal free mill for stiff, rigid plants such as branches, vetiver, etc..

2. We have a Gerhardt in our lab. But it is too old and it has many problems related to distilation and titration.

3. Due to lack of stuff, it is needed a combined system for pH, EC and alkalinity analyses for water samples in our lab. There are some alternative brands for this system such as Mettler, Metrohm and Machtech. But I am not sure which one is the best. Because we have no experiences about this system.

So I like to know what are your recommendations with respect to choosing better brands for the new instruments. Could you, please, share your experiences and recommendations with me? Thank you in advance for your support.

Kind regards,

Rabia Günhan

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Dear Rabia, i recently joined the ICP group.  Feel free to contact me at regarding soil and water analyzers.  Over the past year we have noticed a significant increase in the demand for soil analyzers as climate change initiatives take hold and farming is becoming more scientific.  It is quite exciting.  Kind Regards, Robert Menegotto


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