ICP Forests Briefs

The ICP Forests Briefs are a new series of publications, which aim to provide clear and concise information on the ICP Forests monitoring programme and its latest scientific findings. These short updates are primarily directed at policymakers and the interested public offering them scientific knowledge for an informed debate on key forest-related environmental topics.

ICP Forests Brief No 5

Tree health is deteriorating in the European forests

ICP Forests Brief No 4

Increased evidence of nutrient imbalances in forest trees across Europe

ICP Forests Brief No 3

Ozone concentrations are decreasing but exposure remains high in European forests (English)

Концентрације озона се смањују али је изложеност и даље висока у шумама Европе (Serbian)

ICP Forests Brief No 2

Status and trends of inorganic nitrogen deposition to forests in Europe (English)

Стање и трендови депозиције неорганског азота у шумама Европе (Serbian)

ICP Forests Brief No 1

A policy-relevant infrastructure for long-term, large-scale assessment and monitoring of forest ecosystems (English)

Инфраструктура која одговара политици за дугорочно и свеобухватно праћење и процену и шумских екосистема (Serbian)

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