ICP Forests Manual

The monitoring manual documents the harmonized methods for sampling
and analysis as adopted by the participating countries of ICP Forests.
A general revision of the ICP Forests monitoring manual has been carried
out in spring 2010. The updated parts of the manual have been adopted
by the programme Task Force on 1 June 2010.
Older versions are provided at the bottom of the page

Current Manual versions (mostly 2010)

part I Objectives, Strategy and Implementation of ICP Forests

part II Basic design principles for the ICP Forests Monitoring Networks

part III Quality Assurance within the ICP Forests monitoring programme

part IV Visual Assessment of Crown Condition and Damaging Agents

part V Tree growth

part VI Phenological Observations

part VII.1 Assessment of Ground Vegetation (2011)

part VII.2 Assessment of Epiphytic Lichen Diversity (2012)

part VIII Assessment of Ozone Injury

part IX Meteorological Measurements

part X Soil Sampling and Analysis

part XI Soil Solution Collection and Analysis (2011)

part XII Sampling and Analysis of Leaves and Needles

part XIII Sampling and Analysis of litterfall

part XIV Sampling and Analysis of Deposition

part XV Ambient air quality

part XVI Quality Assurance and Control in Laboratories

part XVII Leaf Area Measurements (2012)

Manual parts (older versions)

part I Mandate and programme implementation (last update: 2004 / annex: 2006)

part II Crown condition assessments, including damage causes (last update: 2006)

part IIIa Sampling and Analysis of Soil (last update: 2006)

part IIIa (Annex) Sampling and Analysis of Soil (last update: 2006)

part IV Sampling and Analysis of Needles and Leaves (last update: 2000 / 2007)

part V Estimation of Growth and Yield (last update: 2004)

part VI Measurement of Deposition (last update: 2009)

part VII Meteorological Monitoring (last update: 2004 / forms: 2006)

part VIII Assessment of Ground Vegetation (last update: 2007)

part IX Phenological Observations (last update: 2004)

The phenological photos of the manual are also available at METLA, Finland

part X Monitoring of Air Quality (last update 2000) and Assessment of Ozone Injury (last update: 2004)

Photos of ozone damage to leaves and needles are available at CEAM, Spain

part XI Sampling and Analysis of Litterfall (last update: 2004)

Russian version (update 2000)

part I

part II

part III

part IV

part V

part IX

part X

Chinese version (update 2002)

The Chinese translation can be ordered as paper copy from the Programme Coordination Centre of ICP Forests.

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