Dear colleagues.

I would like to welcome all of you to this group, and thank you all in advance for your willingness to discuss and contribute to this stimulating topic.

I've started by creating two pages with possible discussion lines arising from what is currently exposed in the Manual (Part XIV - Annex 1).

I'm not sure if this way (using pages instead of discussions) is convenient, since it's my first time using this platfform. In any case, I will continue looking for an optimal on-line collaboration space.

Best regards,


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I have in mind some interesting topics to share experiences, such as organic nitrogen, ozone and drought impact on dry deposition (global change), and, of course, in-canopy transformation and uptake of N.

However, in order to have topics of the broadest interest, feel free to propose or create new discussions.

Moreover, I will create an on-line repository to share tagged references to scientific literature. 

Dear Héctor, thank you for starting this discussion group. I would like sharing with you a topic signaled by Peter Waldner to Arne Verstraeten, and by him to me: "Microplastic in deposition". Please find attached two related papers.
An idea is that the analysis we are currently doing on pollen in throughfall depositions could be, in the future, implemented with the analysis of microplastics. Since the interest of this group is on dry deposition, sampling could be done also by means of passive samplers (e.g.,
I hope this topic is relevant and of interest for this group.

Best regards,




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