Manual - Catalogue

Here we can add the methodologies that we know to those described in the Manual. To all of them we can add useful features for their classification in a practical catalogue that could even be included in the Manual in the future.

Methodology catalogue (focused in applicability)

  • Outputs (dry deposition to ecosystem/canopy/soil, surface/stomatal, etc.)
  • Inputs needed (essential/advisable)
  • Scale of application
  • Reliability: Most important factors and measurements to take into account
    • According to authors
    • According to validations and comparisons
    • According to expert judgement (including ours)

Methodology guide

  • Sampling needs
  • Calculation complexity
  • Applicability (outputs, inputs, species, environment)
  • Reliability (in the optimum condition of sampling and applicability)


  • Would we be able to create recommendations for use?

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