19th Meeting of the Expert Panel on Soil and Soil Solution

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Presentations available for download


  • Adoption of the agenda (Bruno De Vos, Chair FSEP)
  • Adoption of the minutes of the 18th FSEPM Ljubljana (Nathalie Cools, FSCC)

Item 1: Update of the Manual on Sampling and Analysis of Soil 2015 (Nathalie Cools)

  • WRB2014.pdf differences with WRB2006, consequences for the manual and data reporting (WRB2014 available from http://www.fao.org/3/a-i3794e.pdf)
  • Initiate exercise on national update of reclassification of Level II soil profiles

Item 3: Update Soil Solution Manual 2015 (Tiina Maileena Nieminen)

Item 4: Soil Solution database

  • Quality check of soil solution data from the PCC database (Elisabeth Graf Pannatier, Tiina Maileena Nieminen)
  • Discussion: how to proceed? How including changes in official database – internal working datasets? Who has access? Who’s responsibility? Update numbers? Informing countries?

Item 5: Solid soil condition databases: status, data requests and evaluations

  • Status_AFSCDB.LII.2.pdf Solid Soil data issues Level II feedback countries on AFSCDB.LII.2.2
  • Status and progress of the Level I forest soil condition database FSCDB.LI.2.1 and BioSoil biodiversity database (Bruno De Vos with input from Roberto Canullo)
  • Contribution to book chapter EHRG “Storage of carbon and macro-nutrients in European forest soils” Humusica.pdf (Nathalie Cools)
  • COST action FP1206 (EuMIXFOR) “Exploratory analysis of data availability for a pan-European study on soil condition change in mixed vs. pure forest stands” (Andrés Bravo)
  • Level II soil data needs for the study of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi in European Forests (Sietse van der Linde)
  • Validation of existing pedotransfer functions for soil hydraulic properties using water retention and conductivity data measured on soil samples from forest stands across Europe (Schmidt-Walter, P. et al.)
  • Soil organic carbon stocks of European forests by boosted regression tree modeling (De Vos et al.)

Item 6: Evaluation of soil solution data on ICP Forests Level II plots

  • Trends of DOC in soil solution and factors explaining these changes (presented by Graf Pannatier E. on behalf of Camino-Serrano, M.)
  • DON and DOC fluxes through forest ecosystems in the UK - from canopy through soils (Vanguelova E.)
  • Nitrogen saturation of forest ecosystems and nitrate leaching (Jonard, M.)

Item 7: The Future

  • Relevant forest soil condition indicators for State of Europe's Forests (SoEF) reporting (Nathalie Cools)
  • BiodivERsA 2015 joint call in May- who will participate in a proposal on theme #1: Understanding and managing the biodiversity dynamics of soils (Bruno De Vos)
  • Information on organization of next Soil Interlaboratory Comparison 2015 (Tamara Jakovljevic)
  • Discussion on the need/feasibility/strategy for third EU wide Level I Forest soil survey in ~2020 (Bruno De Vos)
  • Round table on Level II national soil survey initiatives (timing, status, reporting, …) (Bruno De Vos)
  • Participation of EP members in upcoming meetings:
    • 4th Scientific Conference and Task Force (19 – 20 May, 2015)
    • IUFRO meeting (1 – 2 June, 2015)
    • Announcement 5th meeting of the heads of the labs in Vienna, Austria, end of Sept ’15

Item 8: Soil and soil solution monitoring and evaluation at national level

  • Changes in nutrient and carbon stocks in French forest soils under decreasing atmospheric deposition (Nicholas, M. et al.)

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