22nd Meeting of the Expert Panel on Soil and Soil Solution

Minutes of the meeting


Agenda with links to the presentations

Opening, adoption of the agenda (Bruno De Vos) and technicalities of the meeting (use of the chat, raise of hands, use of Mentimeter tool, the Mural board, the living document)

Recall and adoption of the minutes of the 21th FSEPM Brussels, March 2019 (Nathalie Cools)

The H2020 FORSoils project Proposal(s): state of the art and lessons learned  (Bruno De Vos)

  • Short overview of submitted project proposal, partners and approach
  • Actual status (including defense letter)
  • Discussion on possible recycling of FORSoils proposal for other calls
  • External data requests by winning consortium? 

Action plan: 3rd Pan European Forest Soil Condition Survey Level I (2022 – 2025) (Bruno)

  • EC Consultation on new EU soil strategy, Green deal & Horizon Europe
  • Ideas & suggestions from EP
  • Draft Action plan: outline and discussion
  • Installation of working group 3rdFSC Survey
  • Required budget and (co)financing

Data quality indicators in soil and soil solution surveys (Nathalie) link to the Mural board.

  • Selection of quality indicators Mandatory/optional? Organise al national/international level?
  • How to organise control assessments in the field?
  • Response actions if countries do not meet field quality requirements?
  • Response actions if countries do not meet lab quality requirements?
  • How to document/report and store the quality information?

Report of ongoing studies and country reports   (Bruno)

  • National Ecosystem Monitoring Network for Ireland, under the National Emissions Ceiling Directive (Thomas Cummins)
  • Heavy Metals Study in mineral topsoils and forest floors of Level I plots (Bommarez et al. 2020)

Introduction to the Ecological Series Book Chapter on Soil and Soil Solution (Bruno) 

  • Proposal on content (30 p) and discussion on scope (LI and LII or LII only)
  • Setting up evaluation database for Book-project

Level II: Status of the Soil Solution Database (Tiina M. Nieminen)

  • Status of data submissions
  • Soil solution database integrity and data gaps
  • Potential for time-series analysis (related to Ecological Series book): 2000-2020 timeseries ? 
  • Potential for linking level II soil solution to solid soil dataset

The Status of the Level II Soil Database (Nathalie)

  • Report on recent soil data submissions: process of corrections and resubmissions, feedback to countries, problem solving  
  • Potential of AFSCDB.LII for time-series analysis
  • Potential for integrated studies with soil solution, meteo, growth and foliage 
  • Actions on further data checking and (missing) data (re)submission

The combined Level I Forest Soil Condition Database(Bruno)

  • FSCDB.LI database integrity as evaluated by heavy metal study, pending issues  (Bruno)
  • Full integration of S1 in PCC database,  online documentation and forms  (Till)
  • Final check and possible data (re)submission by soil experts and NFCs – timeline
  • Re-analysis of archived soil samples and/or (re)submission of data
  • Preparing S1 database for 3rd Soil survey (Bruno)

Work plan for the Ecological Series Book Chapter on Soil and Soil Solution (Nathalie)

  • Working group(s) assembly 
  • Contributing authors  for data evaluations in working group(s)
  • Organisation of work load and planning 

Planned Evaluations and publications

  • Contributions to ICPF reports 
    • Technical Report
    • Policy Brief – theme: Heavy metals in forest soils 
  • A1 Publications with EP members as (co)author
    • Special Issue in Applied Sciences on Forest Soil Monitoring (Ed. Stefan Fleck):
      • Martin Maier: Long Term Soil Gas Monitoring as Tool to Understand Soil Processes on selected Level II plots.   
      • Russ et al.: Three-Dimensional Mapping of Forest Soil Carbon Stocks Using SCORPAN Modelling and Relative Depth Gradients in the North-Eastern Lowlands of Germany
    • Article collection Forest Monitoring to Assess Forest Functioning Under Air Pollution and Climate Change, Eds Marcus Schaub, Arthur Gessler, Marco Ferretti in Frontiers in Forests and Global Change
    • Special issue in online journal "soil systems" (Guest Ed: Klaus v Wilpert): Forest soils: functions, threats, management

Any Other Business, wrap up

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