23rd Meeting of the Expert Panel of Soil and Soil Solution, 30-31st of March 2023

Download here the minutes of the meeting.

Item 1: Opening and follow-up of previous meetings

  • Welcome, adoption of the agenda, guiding instructions for a fluent hybrid meeting (Bruno De Vos, Chair FSEPM)
  • Adoption of the minutes of 22th FSEPM (Nathalie Cools, FSCC)
  • Status of the ongoing and planned  soil surveys on Level I & Level II Follow up of the questionnaire in 2019: Level I  updates and  Level II: see tabel in the Thünen Cloud folder of the EP on Soil and Soil Solution (Bruno)
  • Follow up of QAQC in the lab: summary and required actions by the FSEP & FSCC (Nathalie)

Item 2: Changes to manual Part X (Nathalie)

  • Adoption of WRB  (2022)
  • Adoption of Zanella et al. (2018)
  • Method to measure available phosphorus in European forest soils
  • Adoption new ISO standard on aqua regia analysis (ISO 54321:2020)
  • Additional suggested changes (based on ESB evaluation work)
  • Development of new methods and tests on soil biodiversity monitoring techniques (Bruno)

Item 3: Ecological studies book

  • Challenges for ESB evaluations soil Level I (S1), Level II (SO) and soil solution (SS) (Bruno)
  • Report from the data unit (Katrin Haggenmüller and Till Kirchner, PCC) 
    • S1: submission state
    • S1: survey_year gap filling process
    • S1: code_layer - discussion - how could we deal with multiple layers
    • SS: date gap filling for survey years before 2007
  • Data quality checks  
    • Data validation & status of quality checks (Heleen Deroo, FSCC)
    • Handling of PIR files (Heleen)
    • handling of LOQs and values below LOQ (Heleen)
    • (re)submission problems (Nathalie and Bruno): see the mentimeter
    • Data submission Soil Solution: Suggestions to overcome a number of problems (Panagiotis Michopoulos, Greece)
  • Data evaluations
  • Relation between solid soil Level I, Level II and Soil Solution
    • Stratification and classification of soil data to link Level I and II (Nathalie en Heleen)
    • Possibilities for joint analysis (Nathalie and Tiina):
      • Spatial and temporal availability of co-located plots with soil and soil solution data
      • Selected variables to link both surveys

Item 4: Cooperation with external projects and other initiatives

  • H2020 Holisoils:
    • Progress of Holisoils project (Raisa Maäkipä & Aleksi Lehtonen)
    • Joint Field Course on WRB & Humus classification & soil sampling (Nicole Wellbrock)
  • HE PathFinder (Nathalie)
  • HE FORWARDS (Bruno)
  • EIONET (Nicole Wellbrock)

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