Scientific Committee

The aim of the Scientific Committee is to promote the ICP Forests activities in order to make ICP Forests results and data more known and used. We are active in promoting scientific initiatives such as joint presentations and publications of the ICP Forests community and in networking activities. The Scientific Committee aims to work toward greater visibility and to strategically improve the use of the ICP Forests data. The Scientific Committee organises together with the PCC of ICP Forests and the local host of the annual Scientific Conference.

The Scientific Committee consists of Bruno de Vos, Liisa Ukonmaanaho, Stefan Fleck, Kai Schwärzel, Marco Ferretti, Lars Vesterdal and Marcus Schaub.


Chair: Marcus Schaub

Co-Chair: Lars Vesterdal

Scientific Conferences


Book of Abstracts of ICP Forests Scientific Conferences

Schaub M, Vesterdal L, De Vos B, Fleck S, Michel A, Rautio P, Schwärzel K, Verstraeten A, editors. 2019. Trends and events – Drought, extreme climate and air pollution in European forests. Proceedings, 8th ICP Forests Scientific Conference, Ankara.

Hansen K, Schaub M, Prescher A-K, Seidling W, editors. 2018. European forests in a changing environment: Air pollution, climate change and forest management. Book of Abstracts, 7th ICP Forests Scientific Conference, Riga.

Seidling W, Ferretti M, editors. 2017. Air pollution, climate change and forest ecosystems: Evidence for effects, adaptation, and mitigation. Book of Abstracts, 6th ICP Forests Scientific Conference, Bucharest.

Seidling W, Ferretti M, editors. 2016. Tracing air pollution and climate change effects on forest ecosystems: trend and risk assessments. Book of Abstracts, 5th ICP Forests Scientific Conference, Luxembourg.

Seidling W, Ferretti M, Michel A, editors. 2015. Long-term trends and effects of air pollution on forest ecosystems, their services, and sustainability. Book of Abstracts, 4th ICP Forests Scientific Conference, Ljubljana.

Seidling W, Ferretti M, Michel A, Michopoulos P, editors. 2014. Impact of nitrogen deposition and ozone on the climate change mitigation potential and sustainability of European forests. Book of Abstracts, 3rd ICP Forests Scientific Conference, Athens.

Programme Co-ordinating Centre of ICP Forests. 2013. ICP Forests - today's evaluations and future monitoring. Book of Abstracts, 2nd ICP Forests Scientific Conference, Belgrade.

Programme Co-ordinating Centre of ICP Forests. 2012. Monitoring European Forests: Detecting and Understanding Changes. Book of Abstracts, ICP Forests Scientific Conference, Warsaw.

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