ICP Forests scientists receive Marin Drăcea Award

The Romanian National Institute for Research and Development in Forestry celebrated its 85th anniversary by means of an international scientific conference from 17–21 September 2018. During the celebration, the name giver of the institute, Professor Marin Drăcea (1885–1958), was honoured as the promoter of modern silviculture in Romanian forestry and a bust of him was unveiled. The celebration also included grants of the “Marin Drăcea Award and Diploma of Excellence” to Dr. Marco Ferretti, Chairman of ICP Forests, Dr. Walter Seidling, Head of PCC of ICP Forests, and Dr. Martin Lorenz, former Head of PCC of ICP Forests.

Honoured for their co-operation in the field of international forest monitoring (from left): Dr. Walter Seidling, Dr. Marco Ferretti und Dr. Martin Lorenz; in the background Scientific Secretary Dr. Ecaterina Apostol, Scientific Director Dr. Ovidiu Badea, and General Director Dr. Romică Tomescu.

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