New Mobile App for Ozone Injury Assessment

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to a new Mobile App for Ozone Injury Assessment, developed by ICP Vegetation. We encourage in particular the ozone experts among the ICP Forests community to apply and test the new application.

We welcome the app as a great and timely idea which may help drawing more attention to the ozone issue world wide. However, being aware of the issue of quality assurance and quality control, ICP Vegetation is keen on receiving records from ozone experts during the test phase to further develop and improve the app - in collaboration with ICP Forests and taking advantage of the existing expertise and advanced protocols. Hence, a closer collaboration between the two ICPs is anticipated and very much encouraged by the LRTAP Convention. 

Thank you for your consideration!

Best wishes,

Marcus Schaub and Vicent Calatayud


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