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Soil Ringtest programme


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The Soil Ringtest programme is running every third year. The normal schedule is:

  • Informing the possible participating labs and NFCs (every third year - e.g. 2021, 2024, 2027, ...)
  • Registration of the participants via internet (April)
  • Distribution of the test samples and the invoice (April)
  • Data submission by the labs (September)
  • Deadline of data submission (beginning of October)
  • Results (October)
  • Re-qualification process finished (May - next year)
  • Re-qualification confirmed (with an extra sample set)

When a lab did not qualify and did not make efforts to improve the data quality, ICP Forests PCC will send a letter to the National Focal Centre and inform them about the consequence that their data possibly cannot be used for evaluations on an European level.

The ringtest is financed with a participation fee and ringtest sample preparation from participants.

Please, keep in mind that submission of the monitoring results to the PCC database is only possible if your lab participated in the ring test for all submitted parameters. If you want to participate and you need a labcode or/and a password - please, contact Tamara Jakovljevic.

Webinterface for registration and data submisson

Evaluation procedure

Parameters and evaluation limits

Requalification procedure

Status of the Re-qualification of the last test

Reports from older tests

10th Soil Ringtest 2021 (Requalification results)

9th Soil Ringtest 2018

8th Soil Ringtest 2015

7th Soil Ringtest 2012

6th Soil Ringtest 2009

5th Soil Ringtest 2007

4th Soil Ringtest 2006

3th Soil Ringtest 2003

2nd Soil Ringtest 1997 (included in the Annex A of the Forest Soil Condition report)

1st Soil Ringtest

1st Soil physics ringtest 2010

Additional documents and Excel sheets for soil

Review of possible quality checks and other forms of assistance (Version 1, May 2008)

Excel file with instruction and example of control chart use

Internal Quality Control (Nordtest TR569)

FSCC Soil reference material for method validation

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