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Soil Ringtest and QA/QC information

Soil Ringtest programme Tamara JAKOVLJEVIC Croatian Forest Research Institute Cvjetno naselje 41 HR-10450 Jastrebarsko CROATIA Email: The Soil Ringtest programme is running every t… View »

Foliage and Litterfall Ringtest and QA/QC information

Needle and Leaf Interlaboratory Comparison Test programme Alfred FÜRST Federal Research and Training Centre for Forests, Natural Hazards and Landscape Seckendorff-Gudent Weg 8 1131 Vienna AUSTRIA Ema… View »

Deposition and Soil Solution Ringtest and QA/QC information

Atmospheric deposition and soil solution Working Ringtest programme Anna KOWALSKA IBL - Forest Research Institute 3 Braci Lesnej St. 05-090-Raszyn POLAND  Email:​ The Atmosph… View »

Analytical info

General introduction Topic Empty template Finalized sheet method comparisons (MC) MC1: SO4 - Comparison of ICP-, IC- and spectrophotometric determination in colored soil solutions MC2: Comparison o… View »

Document archive Working Group Quality in Laboratories

A. Meetings of Working Group QA/QC in labs Zagreb, Croatia, 2017 Minutes of the meeting Fürst A. - Results of the 18th and 19th foliar ring test 2015+16 Kowalska A. - Results of the 8th deposition… View »


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