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Announced Position: Head of PCC

Dear all,

The position of the Head of PCC is announced by the Thuenen Institute to be filled according to the conditions described in the linked advertisement: 18-164-WO-engl_0.pdf. Please, consider an application by yourself or forward the application to those who might be interested.

Best regards


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Convention Workplan

Dear ICP Forests Community,

as a Programme under the Air Convention (CLRTAP) our work has preliminarily to be seen within the context of the Convention work. In order to facilitate access to key documents elaborated by the Working Group on Effects (WGE) and adopted by the Executive Body of the Convention here the link to the most recent workplan is given:…


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UNECE Air Convention reports available online

Dear colleagues,

having attended the 3rd Joint Session of the Working Group on Effects (WGE) and the Steering Body to EMEP from 11-15 September 2017 at Geneva, I want to point to the fact that all basic documents for that meeting are available at the UNECE website. Of relevance for the ICP Forests community is especially the "2017 joint progress report on policy-relevant scientific findings" (ECE/EB.AIR/GE.1/2017/3-ECE/EB.AIR/WG.12017/3) and the "Progress report by the Programme…


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Two reports of MSC-E, one on heavy metals

Dear all,

MSC-E has published two Report: the one on heavy metals might be of interest for some of us:

Dear Colleagues,

In accordance with the 2016-2017 Work-plan for the implementation of the Convention [ECE/EB.AIR/133/Add.1] MSC-E continues work on the assessment of POP and HM atmospheric pollution over the EMEP domain and individual countries (Case study), and work on transition to the new EMEP grid.

The results of the…


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Thank you Michael for charing ICP Forests 2005 to 2017

Dear Michael

On behalf of the Programme Co-ordinating Centre (PCC) of ICP Forests at the Thünen Institute of Forest Ecosystems I would like to thank you for successfully administrating ICP Forests since 2005.…


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6th ICP Forests Scientific Conference, 2nd call

Dear colleagues, dear friends.

The second call for the 6th Scientific Conference is available under the item 'Events'. Besides general Information, guidelines for abstract prepartation are given. Please, consider a contribution from your field of activity.

Best regards and see you in Bucharest in May.


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Dear all,

we want to draw your attention to the 1st OPEN SCIENCE MEETING of ILTER in Kruger National Park/South Africa from 9-13 October 2016. On the proposed agenda are themes like:

- Nitrogen impacts on ecosystem structures and functioning

- Carbon and water cycles

- Drivers of biodiversity across scales

- Data Integration and interoperability enabling global scale ecosystem Research and linking with environmental Monitoring.

ICP Forests should be…


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Dear members and friends of ICP Forests,

we yould like to bring this congress to your attention. Ideas and initiatives from the ICP Forests community are highly welcommed.

Best regards


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30 Years ICP Forests

Dear all,

ICP Forests has entered its 30th anniversary. ICP Forests has under the CLRTAP achieved quite a lot during the past three decades, however, there is still a lot of challenges left. To get more awareness about both the achievements and the challenges I designed a kind of logo. Please, make extensive use of it in various communications, however, if there are…


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