Two reports of MSC-E, one on heavy metals

Dear all,

MSC-E has published two Report: the one on heavy metals might be of interest for some of us:

Dear Colleagues,

In accordance with the 2016-2017 Work-plan for the implementation of the Convention [ECE/EB.AIR/133/Add.1] MSC-E continues work on the assessment of POP and HM atmospheric pollution over the EMEP domain and individual countries (Case study), and work on transition to the new EMEP grid.

The results of the work carried out by the MSC-E in 2017 are presented in the EMEP Status Reports:

EMEP Status Report 2/2017
“Assessment of heavy metal transboundary pollution on regional and national scales, transition to the new EMEP grid”
Joint MSC-E & CCC Report

EMEP Status Report 3/2017
“Transboundary transport of persistent organic pollutants with emphasis on PAHs: regional and national scale assessment and transition to the new EMEP grid”
Joint MSC-E & CCC Report

both Status reports are available in electronic form at the MSC-E webpage:

Individual country specific information, complementary to the EMEP Status Reports, can be found by the following address:

The reports, mentioned above will be presented and discussed at the Joint session of the Steering Body to EMEP and the Working Group on Effects to be held in Geneva in September this year.

Your comments are highly appreciated.

With best wishes,
Sergey Dutchak

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